The Origins

The origins of El Portalón date back to the year 1890. It was established in the old stables of a noble palace from 1850. at number 20 of Banys Nous street.

The street owes its old name to the location of some Medie- val Jewsish baths and follows the layout of the historic wall that defen- ded the city of Barcelona for more than 1,500 years.

Our Kitchen

The historical context of the beginnings of El Portalón places us in the postwar period. The first dishes that Sofia Fernández started cooking were recipes for spoon. Legumes, on the lentils of Sofia, soon became very popular in the neighborhood. But his home-loving touch soon reflected in other dishes. Grilled sardines, not grilled, following the advice of the writer Josep Plà, were one of the star dishes that arrived a little later but has lasted until today.

The Restaurant

Our establishment has a long and interesting history, somewhat epic. His identity has always been marked by the events that took place between his old walls. Between these walls one has lived very intensely. It was always a very progressive place and advanced to its time.


There is no end to the art of cooking. There are similar ways of doing things in general, but every chef who appreciates good food will inevitably bring something different to their way of cooking.

The key is in its whole, in its balance, emphasizing its flavor and its smell. Sometimes there are dishes that are not appreciated visually but are a treasure for the sense of smell and taste. A bowl of lentils for example!

Sergi Gómez. Chef El Portalón

La Barra

In La Barra of El Portalón we remember tradition, we pay homage to the traditional vermouth which was sold in the wine cellar warehouses where the people of the neighborhood enjoyed it religiously on Sundays at noon.

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